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  • Carnelian bracelet with faceted stones and 9 carat gold beads.

    Adjustable polyester cord for all wrists.


    Made in our Saint Barthelemy workshop.


    Carnelian and Gold Bracelet

    • The  Carnelian  is a  stone that anchors in the present reality. She is too  stabilizing  and has a  high energy, it is excellent for  restore vitality and motivation, to  stimulate creativity, for spectacular goals, Carnelian has the ability to  purify other crystals.

      She  will restore  your  vitality  and your  motivation. It is a stone which  take away the fear of death  and  promote acceptance of the cycle of life. It will allow you to  overcoming abuse  of all kinds.

      Rock  ideal for the woman, her  dispel apathy,  give courage  and  promotes resolution. It helps keep unnecessary thoughts away.  during meditation.

      Carnelian  calm the anger  and  ward off negative emotions  and  replaces  all  by the love of life. She you  will help you focus  and you  will restore courage.

    • Composition/weight : Gold 375/1000, 9k.

      Natural stones : Carnelian

      Cord : Polyester in taupe color.

      Quality : Premium.

      Maintenance advice : it is recommended to avoid contact with cosmetics and household products in order to preserve the good condition of your jewellery. Cleaning them with a silverware product will restore their shine.

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