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Adjustable long necklace with solid silver pirate coin pendant matched with a white South Sea Pearl.

The pearl at the front of the necklace is movable. Therefore, you can modify the jumper as you wish of your desires. Closing with a Blue Jasper bead. The necklace is finished with two blue Jasper beads.

All of our chosen beads and stones are Very good quality and meticulously assembled.

This item was handcrafted in our workshop in Saint Barthelemy.

Collection "MONTBARS" Registered trademark.

South Sea Pearl Silver Coin Pendant Long Necklace - "MONTBARS" Collection

  • Pendant details :

    Sizes : width : 25mm. Height including ring : 30mm.

    Materials : Fine agent 925.


    South Sea Pearl Details:

    Pearl size : 14-15mm.

    Color : White.


    The necklace measures flat end to end : 450mm.

    It is adjustable in length.

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