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  • Native American Gold Vermeil Pendant

    - Native American tribal profile with feather headdress (or war bonnet)

    - finely detailed

    ★ Feathered war bonnets (also called war bonnets or headgear) are worn by the males of the American Plains Indians who have earned a place of great respect in their tribe. Originally, they were sometimes worn in battle, but now they are mainly used for ceremonies. They are considered objects of great spiritual and political importance.


    The pendant is mounted on a gold vermeil chain with a length of 45cm.


    This item was made in our workshop in Saint Barthelemy.



    Native American Gold Vermeil Pendant

    • Material (s) : Gold vermeil (18k gold on sterling silver)

      Dimension: 24 x 20.5 mm

      Surface: matt

      Gold vermeil chain details :

      - Spring clasp with welded rings.

      - 2 mm beaded ball chain
      - the space between each bead is approximately 10.5 mm

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